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  • I will be your Social media manager and Marketer

    I will be your Social media manager and Marketer

    From $5 / $15.00

  • I will give you shoutout promotion on my 13k instagram page.

    I will give you shoutout promotion on my 13k instagram page.


  • I will  do market research ,swot and industry analysis

    I will do market research ,swot and industry analysis


  • I will do professional market research for your Business

    I will do professional market research for your Business


  • I will do your business and market research

    I will do your business and market research

    From $10 / $20.00

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Client Reviews for Freelance Marketers


Wrote my paper very quickly while still writing a high quality paper. Essay met all the assignment objectives with quality references.

Client: accell - Mar 2023

Delivered early, and provided quality work! Was very flexible with me!

Client: willieliam - Mar 2023

Thank you for the fast work and communication

Client: nevographics - Mar 2023
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Marketers FAQs

  • What do freelance marketers do?

    Freelance marketers are essentially marketing specialists who help businesses sell their products and services. Their duties involve strategizing with sales and marketing teams, driving potential customers towards the website, and converting them into paying customers. Freelance marketers can help their clients optimize their inbound and outbound marketing strategies to deliver better business results.

  • How to shortlist a freelance marketing expert?

    When shortlisting freelance marketers for hire, you must carefully assess their hard and soft skills. They must possess in-depth knowledge of digital marketing concepts such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, PR strategies, email marketing, etc. You must also check their educational qualification, professional backgrounds, and proficiency in different marketing tools to ensure that they are the right fit for your company's needs.

  • How do I find a freelancer for marketing?

    You can find a marketing freelancer from a freelancing platform or a digital marketing company. They can help you connect with skilled and experienced freelancers from different industries. You can choose a suitable freelancer for marketing based on your needs and budget. If you have multiple projects, you can hire multiple freelancers to work on these projects simultaneously.

  • How do I hire a freelance marketer?

    When you need freelance marketers for hire, you can sign up on 24Task. After that, you can post a job to find eligible freelancers for your project. Creating a detailed job description will help you attract the right talents. You'll receive bids from highly skilled marketers once your job post is live. Otherwise, you can recruit directly by examining the top profiles and clicking on the “hire me” button.

  • What does it cost to hire a marketing freelancer?

    The average cost to hire a marketer can vary from $10 to $20 per hour. The overall cost depends on factors such as the expertise level of the freelancer, duration of the project, deadline, type of work, etc. However, our transparent pricing policy ensures that you pay a reasonable price for the freelancer's work, with no hidden charges whatsoever.

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