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    I will be you full-time customer service support

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    I will provide email, live chat, and phone support to your customer

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    I will be your fulltime customer service associate

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Client Reviews for Freelance Email Handlers

professor njagu
professor njagu

Help me out in a last minute situation I really appreciate it.

Client: professor njagu - Nov 2022

I’m very pleased and assignments were done before the time specified.

Client: fastwriter - Nov 2022

She did very well & she is very fast ! Communication was great

Client: prof1ronnie - Nov 2022

Top Freelance Email Handlers for Hire Online

Do you desire to respond to your customers' email queries? Do you envision the instant resolution of customers’ problems? You need not worry; email handlers have got you covered.

They take care of your customer support and administration needs. They also ensure the success of your email marketing. If you meet all your customer relations needs, this will result in their satisfaction. It places your business at an advantage. Again, responses to customers vary. It gives clients the feeling that your company cares about their problems.

Here, you are saving yourself from lots of work. You do this by ensuring there are prompt responses to all your customer's feedback. Your business prospers because of excellent customer relations.

So, how do you find a freelance email handler that fulfills all your needs? The following are some tips on finding top-notch professionals for hire on 24Task.

Who are Freelance Email handlers?

They are professionals who specialize in ensuring customers' email queries are well-addressed. They use organized forms with the necessary information to resolve each issue. Each type is unique and tailored to handle a particular problem.

Again, they add a personal touch to emails giving customers more satisfaction. They do this by using unique email templates.

Also, the email handler offers vital email marketing services. They are carrying out web research to determine customers' needs and market demand. Doing this gives you knowledge on how to adjust your product to your target market.

They set up email links of customers' email addresses to ensure customer's connectivity. With this, you can send emails to target customers to promote your products and services.

Skills to Look for in an Email Handler

Do you wonder which skill set to look for before you hire a professional email handler? Here are the top skills to consider before crafting a job description.

  1. Excellent Communication Skills

    A registered trademark of a freelancer is their ability for effective communication. Whether it be a verbal or written communication, this is a crucial skill.

    First, communication with clients and potential customers is paramount. They should have the ability to craft satisfying responses to customers' questions. The ability to write engaging and well-detailed answers is well appreciated.

    Second, they must communicate with you clearly and precisely. The email handler gives details of ongoing email marketing campaigns and their effectiveness. If they can communicate their progress clear and accurately, you make sound decisions. Besides, they will also apply your desires if they are keen on listening to you.

  2. Good Research Skills

    A freelance email handler needs top-notch researching skills. When it comes to email marketing, you will need to send targeted emails that result in sales. As such, the handler needs to do due research on the target market. Doing this helps determine the most effective ways to sell your business.

    Again, the client's responses vary, and the handler may not always have the answers. They will, thus, need the ability to research how to handle the problem.

  3. Template utilization skills

    The key to excellent email handling is the ability to design and custom email templates. If you have a big company or business, thousands of emails flood your inbox daily. This means that a handler must answer and react to them.

    To be effective in doing this, they should know how to create template responses. They can customize these templates to answer queries and to personalize their messages. If they have mastered this art, your business will get valuable feedback from clients. Again, your customer friendliness will rate the top of the charts.

  4. Well Organized

    Excellent organizational skills are also a plus in this industry. They need to have impeccable expertise in organizing different emails and different inboxes. They have to deal with spam, queries, complaints, feedback, and reviews. All these must be of good order to ensure that they are well-acted upon.

    Again, they deal with bulk email addresses. Thus, they need to organize and categorize where every email should be. Not doing this leads to emailing the wrong recipient.

Why Hire Email handlers

Wondering why you need to engage the services of a freelance handler? Here are some major services they offer that will convince you.

First, a freelance email handler is an answer to your email marketing needs. They create and manage email campaigns on your behalf. They work on designing captivating images, videos, and messages.

When the content is ready, they must also propagate it to the target market. They also keep in touch with the progress and impact of marketing strategies.

Second, they create personalized messages for clients. Such messages include birthday wishes, anniversaries, etc,. Doing this encourages more people to page click leading to more traffic on your website.

Again, they set up emails for your contact lists. This ensures effective communication between the business and the clients. It is their task to sort, organize, and respond to emails. Also, they keep updating the database, ensuring your contact base keeps growing.

How to Shortlist the Best Freelance Email Handler

Before the process of hiring a freelance email handler, screen their profiles first. You can use the following criteria.

  • Experience

    Ensure that they are a registered email handler with adequate and relevant experience. Decide if you need expert or beginner level expertise. They should also provide a list of referees from former employers.

  • Client Feedback

    Again, make time to examine reviews and recommendations from former employers. In doing this, you get invaluable insight. Take particular caution to observe any red flags that may be a deal-breaker for you.

  • Level of Knowledge

    Also, the level of knowledge an email handler has about your business niche is paramount. Email handling requires answering operational and technical questions. So, check for educational background or prior experience in the field.

Crafting a Killer Email handler Job Post

Ensure you write a catchy and well-detailed job post. It will result in landing the top professional in the industry. Your post should cover the following crucial details.

  • Skills Required

    First, make a list of the top skills you are looking for in a freelance email handler. State the level of experience and job exposure you need. Anyone skilled enough will make an application.

  • Duration

    Again, it is important to state the length of the job, whether it is a project or a post. Also, outline all the functions you will need them to handle. This ensures you get the desired level of commitment.

  • Setting a Budget

    Also, freelancers work on hourly or fixed-price contracts. You should state what you will offer. A more skilled professional will charge you more for their services.

You are now set to work on finding email handlers for your business today. You will enjoy a skill set to meet all your email handling needs to revolutionize your business.

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Email Handler FAQs

  • What are Email handlers?

    Email handlers are experts who create automated email messages that are sent to webform submitters as email receipts. They control the program run when a user clicks on an email link or address on a Web page and manage email databases.

  • How can I be a good email handler?

    To be a good email handler, you should know about Google Analytics and database tools, a strong understanding of email marketing, knowledge of marketing automation technology and HTML. You also have excellent communication skills and a BSc degree in marketing or a relevant discipline.

  • What skills do you need for email handlers?

    Email handlers should have an excellent understanding of HTML and content management systems, knowledge of direct vs. indirect email copy, analytical and database tools, superb communication and organization skills. You should also have impeccable writing skills and good analytical skills.

  • Why hire 24Task email handlers?

    24Task email handlers organize your emails, delegate setbacks perfectly to save your company time and money, increase profits, and handle correspondence and email messages. They also manage email databases and prepare automated marketing emails and send them to prospective clients.

  • How much does it cost to hire email handlers?

    The cost of hiring email handlers is subject to change based on the geographical area, skills, level of experience, and education. The charging rates of email handlers range between $42k and 75k per year in the United States.

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